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4450 Saint-Hubert Street, Suite 411
Montreal, Quebec H2J 2W9
Telephone: 514-341-0443
Fax: 514-523-7908


Customer service

Nancy Espino Mares, Customer Service clerk
Extension 4162

Melyssa Boudaoud, Customer Service Clerk
Extension 4152


Management of schedules and employees

Doris Roussy, Team Leader
Extension 4114

Jonatan Bergeron, Team Leader
Extension 4112

Julie Sylvestre, Team Leader
Extension 4113

Suzanne Maggio, Team Leader
Extension 4111

Karine Hudon, Operation manager
Extension 4132


Human Resources

Véronique Vigneux, Human Resources Coordinator
Extension 4161



Franck Koukong, Bookkeeper
Extension 4142

Anabelle Beaudoin-Gagné, Respite coordinator
Extension 4151


Annie Lecompte, Assistant Director
Extension 4121




Annie Flageole, Executive Director
Extension 4101